Welcoming the New Year with effective SEO

SEO Packages 2013We are the brink of a glorious New Year and it’s high time to plan the SEO for the future. 2012 has been a revolutionary period for the SEO strategies with the introduction of algorithm updates such as the Penguin, EMD and the updated versions of Google Panda. You have several factors to consider, when you are planning SEO packages for 2013. Here are a few tips to plan an effective SEO package that would get your website a solid boost to enter into 2013.

The SEO Package would include:
- Onpage SEO analysis and implementation.
- Clean up your backlink profile using the Google Disavow tool.
- Build some quality backlinks to compensate the links that you disavow using the tool
- The 2013 SEO list preparation.
- Domination plans for Pinterest and other new trending social media sites.

First things first – Check and make sure that your Onpage SEO is perfect

OnPage SEOIt’s time to dig back the onpage SEO checklist and start analyzing your website. Throughout 2012, you would have added content, changed the navigation, added media such as videos, integrated social plugins and implemented new page within your website. All these would contribute to changes in the Onpage SEO factors of your website. For example, your website’s Google page speed score may have gone down because of the new media additions or use of third-party scripts. Or you might have missed to optimize the META details in the new pages that you have added. You may also have broken navigation links.

When your website enters 2013, it should have a clean bill for onpage SEO optimization. Prepare a checklist and make sure that all the onpage SEO factors are perfect so that your website gets a strong base for promotion throughout 2013.

BacklinksCleaning up the backlink profile

You all know how important it is to clean up your website’s backlink profile. Thankfully, the process is now simple with the availability of the Disavow tool in Google webmaster tools. Download the list of linking domains from Google webmaster tools and do a detailed analysis. Once you have filtered the bad links, create the excel sheet for link removal. Make sure that the list contains only the links that you want to remove from Google’s index. Once you have the list, just upload it to Google webmaster tools and process the removal request. You cannot access Google disavow tool directly from webmaster tools right now. You can access the tool here www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main.

Good linksCompensate the links you removed with good ones

Always remember that Google still value top quality organic links and in fact number of quality links from relevant sites is still a search engine ranking factor. When you have processed a bad link removal request using Google webmaster tools, once the process starts, you would be losing the backlink count to your website. In order to compensate the loss, you can start building new unique natural links from the plethora of new and relevant sites emerged today.


2013 SEO listThe 2013 SEO List preparation

Successful SEO is mostly dependent on where you mark your website’s presence. You would be well aware of the fact that many websites that provided great SEO value have been beaten to death by the Google algorithm updates. Building links on sites flagged by Google could certainly damage the search engine rankings. So it is very much important to clear up all your SEO lists. 2013 would demand more importance to quality than quantity. So, concentrate more on building SEO lists by giving importance to the following factors:
- Say no to sites and directories on the same IP network
- Directories with a manual review process are loved by the search engines. It is true that it is a tough task to get your link published in such directories but those links are highly valuable.
- Ignore the sites whose domains and theme sound selling links or look like spots created just to offer backlinks.
- See the directory’s or website’s Google index status. Building links on sites that are not indexed by Google is not a wise strategy.  
- Get as many relevant sites as possible into your SEO list. The relevancy can apply to your business location, business type, niche or the target audience.

Pinterest MarketingEnter into all the new social networks and start dominating

Social media has changed a lot during 2012 as well. The introduction and rising popularity of social networks such as Pinterest and their impact in SEO is demanding your website’s presence and domination during 2013. In an article earlier this week, I had explained how Pinterest marketing is gonna be the center of attraction the New Year. With Google loving naturally gained social media links, it is high time to market your website’s presence in new social networks including Pinterest.

So, when planning the SEO packages for 2013, strategize one based around all the above mentioned elements and factors. Let’s welcome the New Year with a solid SEO plan!

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