It’s all about that “X” factor again

Recently published on the Google Webmaster official blog is a most wanted topic. SEO tips and suggestions directly from Google. These tips and suggestions are presented in an 8 minute video, followed by a short transcript.

SEO Tips

Modern SEO depends on how well you differentiate your website or business from millions of SEO Tipsothers competing for the same target keywords. We at SubmitINme call it the "X-factor". This is the time when we recall the “strategic marketing summit” that we sponsored on 2011.  The x-factor was discussed on the topic “what is ailing the businesses today” and I had shared it with the world in this blog post. Once you identify the x-factor, you need to know how it can be presented to the searcher. You cannot just put up something unique but at the same time not really making an sense to the searcher or the search engines.

All these approaches by Google ensure a promising future to the world of relevant and user friendly search results.

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