Techniques Used By White Label SEO Agencies When Optimizing News Websites

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Learn how to make your news website search engine friendly, as the White label agency does. These suggestions can help you rank higher and get more visitors.


News websites benefit from a steady influx of new information as well as Google services like Top Stories. However, there are additional ways that SEO for news sites is distinct. Simply publishing news content does not ensure that it will rank in Google or drive traffic to your website.

In this column, you'll learn about five crucial aspects to bear in mind when you develop your SEO strategy for a news website. A white label digital marketing agency is the best way to cater to this need.

  1. Build Evergreen Contents

Your main business strategy as a news site is to write about current events. When writing on relevant topics, however, your articles will almost always have a short shelf life. Your post will receive a surge of traffic at first, but as time passes, that traffic will decrease. Dealing in news means you're exposed to the ebbs and flows of what's popular. You must constantly push out fresh news to maintain high levels of traffic.

But what if you could preserve the primary news model while increasing the website's steady visitor flow? You can if you include evergreen material in your design. The term "evergreen" refers to material that remains relevant and valuable throughout time. While they receive a decent amount of traffic from genuine news pieces, they were able to include evergreen possibilities to provide more continuous visitor flows.

  1. Ensure if your content shows up in Google News

Getting your material into Google News is essential. To ensure that your site meets Google's criteria, start by reviewing the content rules for inclusion. These rules are already followed by the majority of respected news organizations. Next, review the technical requirements for inclusion to ensure that Google can crawl your site and determine which pages include news stories.

Submit the website to Google for approval if everything is looking fine. Within 3 weeks, you'll know whether or not your site has been approved. Once your site has been approved, keep focusing on creating quality content. Many of the same basic SEO techniques apply to Google News as they do to organic search. Industry authority, keyword optimization, distinctiveness, and social sharing can all help you rank higher in Google News and attract more visitors.

  1. Emphasis on clean architecture

Because news sites are vast and continually increasing by nature, they might be a problem for SEO growth. It's critical to stay on top of your site architecture to maintain it both accessible for readers and easy to crawl for search engines. The organization is crucial. Examine the tags and categories you're using on your site and determine whether they're effective.

You'll need a lot of tags and categories to help readers discover what they're searching for, but are the ones you're using worth it? If you have several tags with only a few articles apiece, it could be better to combine them into a smaller number of pages with greater information.

Depth is another significant feature of site structure. To put it another way, how many clicks does it take to get from your homepage to any other page on your website? Reduce this figure as much as feasible. Search engines scan your site by following links from one page to the next, and the "shallower" your site is, the more pages are likely to get indexed. This may be aided by keeping your labeling system orderly. Adding pagination to the bottom of each page, rather than merely using "next" and "previous" buttons, is another way to improve the structure of your site. This makes it easy to go to select pages without wading through other, unrelated pages first.

  1. Mobile usability is important

Mobile usability is vital for every website these days, but it's especially important for news sites. The majority of Americans get their news via their smartphones. Your site should, at the absolute least, be built with a responsive design, which adapts your layout to whatever screen size a viewer is using.

  1. Optimize the crawling speed

You want Google to crawl and index your material as quickly as possible when it comes to breaking news. People aren't going to wait for a sluggish website to load, especially when there are so many news alternatives. News sitemaps, on the other hand, cannot be treated like any other sitemap. In the news vertical, Google has outlined some crucial sitemap rules.

To keep Googlebot interested, you'll need to continue updating your news sitemap with new items as they're published. However, instead of creating a new news sitemap for each of these new article URLs, update your old sitemap.

Your news sitemap will only include items from the previous two days, and all articles in the news index will be kept for 30 days. Finally, you should utilize non-Google plugins when creating your sitemap.

When you utilize the Google Sitemap Generator, it will contain URLs that aren't related to your news items. Crawl speed is influenced by the frequency with which your site is updated, which makes sense. After all, if Googlebot finds fresh material on your website with each crawl, it will visit it more frequently. Another thing to remember is that quantity does not necessarily imply quality.

The Takeaway

News websites function differently than most other types of websites. Breaking news information with a short expiry date attracts the majority of visitors to news sites. If you follow these rules, you'll be well on your way to having a more optimized news site and, as a consequence, more traffic and readers.

To outsource digital marketing, you have lots of options now. Adopting one of these options by approaching a white label SEO service or white label PPC is an important thing to consider in association with this.


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