Matt Cutts speaks about the next penguin update

Just like all the webmasters, SEO experts and SEO companies out there, we are keeping our ears open to any news about the next penguin algorithm update or a refresh. We expected the penguin algorithm updates or refreshes to be done almost every month similar to the panda update. However, after the minor refresh to the original algorithm on May there has been only very few news about the information on the next updates. The hot news rather focused (still does) on the penguin recovery and steps to prevent a negative hit in future.

After all these days, almost 3 months since the penguin 1.1 refresh there is some information about the penguin update spoken by Google’s Matt Cutts at the "SES San Francisco 2012". When I first read about this at Barry’s post in SEO Roundtable which came with a nice illustration which said “Brace Yourself”, I had only one thought in my mind – “Storms coming!”

Next Penguin Update

People have not still recovered from the initial panic that the original penguin update had created back in April and this statement is quite enough to send the entire SEO world and online businesses to another round of sheer panic. Now, Matt appears again giving more clarity to the statement that he made in the conference. Below is his comment to this article posted in SEO roundtable:


To me, even this statement made me imagine Matt Cutts in the “scary joker appearance” in the Batman movie asking “Why So Serious!” The highlight in the comment above is the fact that the next few penguin updates would be strong and will have a noticeable impact not just data refreshes. Matt’s team is obviously working hard on the next update, which means that it is going to be major algorithm change.  Which means, we have to be a lot serious in the quality our SEO efforts.


Danny Sullivan of SEL has nicely compared the penguin update to an earth quake. The original algorithm update as the main earth quake and the next updates as the aftershocks. That being said, the next penguin update is gonna be a major aftershock. My opinion is that you could survive the aftershocks if your SEO basement is strong without any adulteration. After you survive the series of aftershocks, the penguin updates would be regularized just like the panda versions with minor updates and your websites would be strong forever. Like the saying “what that doesn’t kill you simply makes your stronger.”

So, “why so serious?”

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