Does this mean anything to SEO?

Page Rank Update 2013

Last month, Google rolled out the first algorithm update for 2013 and it was a Panda refresh. We covered this update in our news story along with the importance of Squidoo marketing after the algorithm update. Now adding to the “first of this year”, Google has started pumping out the “Toolbar Page Rank” updates and there are reports everywhere (mostly increase in PR). Many reports by webmasters indicate that the Page Rank impact was mainly felt on the new websites while old, aged website still continue with the same rank.

What does this mean to SEO?

It is a common thought today that the Page Rank impact on SEO has diminished a lot and many think that page rank is not an SEO factor anymore. In fact, the Google toolbar with the page rank button is now available only for “Internet Explorer”. Toolbar is no more available for any other browsers including the mighty Firefox. Though Google claims that all the “Google Toolbar” features are inbuilt in Chrome, the Page Rank button is missing. In addition to that “Page Rank” factor was removed from webmaster tools long back. Does this mean that Google doesn’t want us to rely or give importance to PR? Below is a snapshot of the Google help page about the “toolbar page rank” and this was updated on October 2012.

Page Rank Help

As clear it is, the “toolbar PageRank” is an indicator of how good your website is in Google’s eyes. It is not like many of them think: “if I gain good page rank for my website, it would rank high in the search results”. It is the other way around: “if your website performs well in Google, you website would certainly carry a good Page Rank”. I came across a nice illustration by Lara Feltin of BizNik on different levels of page rank indicators. To highlight the thought I made an infographic out of it:

Obviously, page rank is still one of the important criteria in choosing the list of directories and places where you get backlinks to your website from. I was watching the 2013 Google page rank update calendars spread online. I correlated it with the actual updates so that I can find the accurate one and hence this schedule posted in warriorforum looks to be it:

  • January 28 to February 6 - First Update (Which has happened already)
  • June 27 to July 7 - Second one
  • September 29 to 4 October - Thrid Update
  • 24 December to 29 December - Fourth Update

How has the recent page rank update affected your website? Did you gain rankings? Share your comments.

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