Website affected by penguin webspam update by mistake? Report it directly to Google

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There is a form for recovering website mistakenly hit by webspam update

“You stupid Penguin, that’s not food err.. webspam spit my website out to the world”. Did the latest Google Penguin algorithm update hit your site?  Did the stupid penguin swallow your clean website without realizing that you never used any of the spammy practices to promote your website to gain SERPS? Alright, enough of the questions, let me tell you what to do now.


Googled-SEOAccording to reliable sources, about 67% of webmasters who are frustrated with the current algorithm update. Information online explains that this is a fully automated algorithm and you cannot even post a reconsideration request. I was sure that Google wouldn’t do something that cruel. After-all this penguin is a bot, which is prone to mistakes. So Google has opened up an “online form” which you can fill and submit for consideration if you think your website was swallowed by the bird by mistake. Looks like this option would work out to recover sites that are really innocent. Below is a screenshot of the form:

penguin recovery form

As you see, there are 2 options. You can report a website if you think they are spamming the web, which redirects to webmaster tools.

Or if your innocent website is hit by penguin, you can submit it as a feedback and recover your website. That is a huge sigh of relief isn’t it. Well, it’s time for some laughter. I picked up some random video of Panda Vs Penguin, and guess what “Panda is still stronger!”

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