Wondering what are the factors considered in the Google penguin update?

Geno Thampi
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There were 52 Google algorithm changes in April 2012 and majority of it would be related to the Penguin update

Official-googleGoogle penguin update has been the hot topic for a while now. In fact we had covered the information about this algorithm update in our news section to a great extent. We came across frustrated webmasters voicing out their opinion about the update, which we presented as an infographic. And there were tips provided to tackle the Google Penguin update in this news post. However, what we were missing is, information about what are the factors considered as penalties by the Google penguin update. Though we had presented our assumptions about this, we had no solid evidence to support that. Right now, Google itself has published a list of 52 changes that they have made to their algorithm. Googled-SEOThough not all the changes look related to the Google penguin update which deals with webspam, there are many which qualify as a penguin update factor. One thing for sure is that, almost all the penguin algorithm update factors are residing within this list. See the entire list published at Google insider search blog

The most interesting fact about the list of algorithm changes published by Google is that, we had already predicted most of it during March 2012 itself. See the predictions we made about this Google algorithm change in one of our old news posts.

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